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  • Is Wooorld out yet?
    Yes! You can get Wooorld here at the Meta Quest Store or on the Store app on your Quest 2 or Quest Pro device.
  • Where can I get Wooorld?
    At the Meta Quest Store. Here is the link.
  • Is Wooorld free?
    Yes! Wooorld is now FREE to use with basic features, and includes optional paid add-ons to unlock premium exploration and game features. You can get Wooorld here
  • What are the differences between the free tier and the premium add-ons?
    Wooorld is available for free with basic exploration and game features. And we currently offer two add-ons: Explorer+ and Player+ that unlock premium exploration and game features, respectively. You can compare free and premium features here:
  • Who is Wooorld for?
    We built Wooorld specifically for YOU, and anyone else who wants to explore the world and exchange their knowledge of real places with others. There is a lot more to do in Wooorld, like creative and collaborative tools, and even games like Where in the Wooorld. We have lots of new features planned too. Did we mention you can get Wooorld here?
  • Which devices are supported?
    Wooorld supports Quest 2, Quest Pro and the new Quest 3. We plan to support other devices later.
  • What is "Where in the Wooorld"?
    Our first minigame, Where in the Wooorld teleports you to random locations. Your goal is to figure out where you are. Look closely at the landscape, the flora, the architecture, and the road signs for clues and try to guess where you are. The closer you guess, the higher you’ll score. Team up with the new Coop mode or face off with VS mode!
  • How do I interact with the map?
    You simply grab it with your hands (or controllers) to pan and zoom the map. Like this:
  • Are there any tutorial videos?
    Yes, you can use the Help tool in Wooorld to watch help videos about different topics. Simply press X on your controller to open the menu, then Select Help. You can also watch the same videos in a YouTube playlist here: You can enable subtitles and switch the subtitle language. Puedes activar los subtítulos y cambiar el idioma de los subtítulos. Vous pouvez activer les sous-titres et changer la langue des sous-titres. Sie können Untertitel aktivieren und die Untertitelsprache wechseln. 你可以启用字幕并切换字幕语言。 आप उपशीर्षक सक्षम कर सकते हैं और उपशीर्षक भाषा बदल सकते हैं। 字幕を有効にして、字幕の言語を切り替えることができます。 Você pode ativar legendas e alterar o idioma das legendas. Вы можете включить субтитры и изменить язык субтитров. Puoi attivare i sottotitoli e cambiare la lingua dei sottotitoli. Altyazıları etkinleştirebilir ve altyazı dilini değiştirebilirsiniz. 자막을 활성화하고 자막 언어를 전환할 수 있습니다.
  • Does Wooorld support Hand Tracking?
    Yes, you can do everything in Wooorld using controllers or hands.
  • How many users can explore together?
    Users can create an unlimited number of “Worlds” to explore the world together. Each world is currently limited to a maximum of 8 people.
  • What if I want to explore the world by myself?
    You can always hop into your Solo World (premium feature) whenever you don’t feel like socializing.
  • Can I get tours of places in Wooorld?
    Yes! That's what the new Tours tool is for. Give it a topic or a place, and voila – you'll get a vibrant, tailor-made, 5-stop tour! It'll find relevant facts, photos, reviews, Wikipedia articles, and even narrate each stop for you. You can personalize your tour spots by adding 360 images or tweaking the auto-generated locations.
  • How big is the 3D map?
    The map boundary can currently be resized up to 6 meters by 6 meters (20 feet by 20 feet). Or, roughly 4 times the average VR playspace. And if you zoom the map all the way in, you can make The Empire State building taller than 5 Shaquille O'Neal's stacked on top of each other.
  • I think Wooorld would be great for a specific use case. Can I request features?
    We do have plans to introduce productivity and education focused features in the future. But we would love to know what you have in mind. Let us know using the contact form.
  • What is your privacy policy?
    You can see our privacy policy here.
  • Are you hiring?
    Yes! Here is where you can find information about all open positions. If you want to join us but don’t see a position that fits you, you can still apply by selecting “Other” as the position you are applying.
  • Is the map 3D?
    Yes, the entire Earth’s topography is 3D. Wooorld currently has 600+ cities with 3D buildings from around the world. Anywhere that does not have 3D buildings will show 3D topography with aerial photography. 150+ New 3D cities have been added since launch. We are also working on integrating the full Google Earth catalog of 2,500+ 3D cities into Wooorld. A beta version of this feature should be available to some users soon.
  • Is there 3D data for the entire Wooorld?
    Wooorld includes 3D topography, Aerial Photography and 360 Immersive Views and Points of Interest data from the entire earth. There are also over 600 cities with 3D buildings.
  • What if the city I wanted to explore does not have 3D buildings?
    You will still get 3D Topography, Aerial Photography and 360 Immersive Views from there. We plan to add more 3D cities in the future. We will prioritize based on how frequently they are requested.
  • Does city X have 3D buildings in Wooorld?
    Wooorld currently includes approximately 450 3D Cities worldwide. We plan to add more 3D cities soon, starting with the some of the most requested places that currently do not have 3D buildings such as Paris, France and London, England. EDIT: London is now available in full 3D. You can use the contact form to reach out and ask us whether a specific location has 3D buildings.
  • Can I change the map visualization styles?
    Yes. You can change many map style settings such as elevation options, data source, imagery type and label visibility.
  • How do I see immersive 360 views of places?
    You can drop a “360 Pin” to load the nearest available street view image. There are over 220 Billion interior and exterior street view images available.
  • Can I see older 360 views of the same location?
    Yes, we introduced a 360 Timeline feature that lets you see 360s of the same place from different dates when available.
  • Can I save 360’s that I like?
    Yes. You can add a label and save any 360 you like. You have the option to save them publicly or privately.
  • Can I add my own 360 images?
    Yes. You can add your own 360 images to Google Street View. Follow the instructions on this page: Once the images are published, they will also be available in Wooorld.
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